The journey to this moment in my life came about over 30 years .
I recall when the Spike Lee Malcolm X movie with Denzel came out and I sported the X hat.
Now that I think about it I was just following the hot new trend along with everybody else .

Malcolm’s spirit didn’t really sink in until I came across a cassette with a few of his speeches I played that tape until it popped, and | couldn’t fix it anymore.

Fast forward to now and I’m rocking his speeches in my car on a USB, and I’m learning the House Negro Field Negro Speech by heart word for word and I had no idea of why.

In 2018 the Prison Industrial Complex snatched me up over a beat up used trash can that a mentally ill human claimed I stole. My side of the story was never taken, and I guess it had enough value to make worth a charge according to the Police officer who broke the big case.

Before the Judge ruled in my favor, I was arrested, endured claustropbic hours in a cell and wasted time in court over three separate dates waiting for this wack ass case to be heard .

The only reason I was there was because of the color of my skin and a broken criminal justice system that only cares about making pay roll. Everybody was on the clock at my expense The Police, the Magistrate, the Jail staff that kept me on a no bail warrant. The Court House security and staff, the Judge the Prosecuting Attorney and the nice lady who took my fee.

Needless to say, I was pissed, and I naively thought I could reach out about my grievance to The Police , City Council the Mayor, the State AG, and Representative all to no avail. Let’s be honest none of these entities would have never entertained the idea of helping me. I quickly jumped the apathetic human chain of command and had a conversation with God.

After listening to my frustrations, the Higher Being instructed me to create and execute a strategy that will mentally set my people free. Don’t bother trying to do it physically or militarily because you don’t have enough gun’s, tanks, prisons, courts and artillery. And I said OK God.

It was a no brainer MALCOLM SPEAKS was the plan, and I was reminded to do the following.

  • Don’t just hit em the words of Malcolm let em know about Michael X’s take on the situation.
  • Apply the disciplinary style your mother used that made you the man you are today.
  • Reach out to Harriet Tubman so she can school you on who wants to free and who doesn’t .
  • Represent your Hip Hop Culture and use terminology that the streets understand.
  • You’re doing this for your people not fame or fortune your rich without all that (come on now).
  • Don’t worry about those verbal and lead bullets that are coming your way because I got you

Keep in mind that I never produced a film before so after six failed attempts and four years of persistence the seventh was the one ( and those ugly babies never saw the light of day). Every day I practiced, planned and never wanted to quit ( a hater suggested that I should lol ).

Money was spent on humans who didn’t see it as art and valued the loot over the message I hope you enjoy the film and thank for taking the time to read about my conversation.